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Academic Support for MBA & International Studies

LOGIK Academic Support, a branch of LOGIK Career Support and LOGIK Sprachtraining — Is your English up to Business? www.logik-sprachtraining.de (since 1990) — has been assisting people applying for positions in universities and business schools around the world since 2004.

Private tutoring, group courses, intensive and semi-intensive courses in:


...and expanding rapidly with bookings from students from across all borders.

We work with HHL, GISMA, ESMT and Amerika Haus giving presentations and seminars in the GMAT and GRE.

Logik Academic Support now offers on-line post training support for students with our "Logik Academics" and the possibility of on-line learning.

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LOGIK Sprachtraining has been a test center for TOEIC for over 10 years and on the committee called by ETS to map this test to meet the European Union CEF standards.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are academic professionals boasting degrees from top universities around the world — our GMAT trainer, Calum Anderson, an Oxford graduate. They are dedicated to their mission of helping you achieve top scores in all tests.

Our latest student — a 715/800 GMAT score... but it doesn't end there........ !


A perfect GMAT score still may not get you into your dream school!

The applicant may still lack a number of vital elements simply because he/she is not familiar with what is expected. Schools, especially among top and mid-range MBA programs in North America and Europe, are raising their academic and professional record requirements. They are increasingly seeking applicants with non-conventional backgrounds, experience and skills. Qualities, such as international exposure, demonstrated team-work ability and cross-cultural skills, as well as strong leadership potential are elements sought for by admissions officers.

Our service helps you to identify your strengths and to analyze how they match the school's expectations in order to present them in the most favorable way.

Application essay coaching and editing:

Our editor, a US professor of English literature and professional writer, will give her expert tips, tricks and correction to your essays until you feel like a professional writer yourself.

We ensure that your Letters of Recommendation are meticulous.

Resumés — translation and editing:

LOGIK Sprachtraining / Academic Support is a member of Professional Resume Writing and Research Association and gives professional assistance in writing your CV or resume in an international style to "sell" your personal and professional qualities and experience.

Interview training:

The last hurdle — don't mess it up! It&s not only what you say, but how you say it and what your "body language" is telling them. Look and sound confident by being well prepared.