TOEIC Test of English for International Communication

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The Test of English for International Communication is a world-wide recognized English language proficiency test for people whose native language is not English. It measures the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment. TOEIC test scores indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in the global workplace. The test does not require specialized knowledge or vocabulary beyond that of a person who uses English in everyday activities.

Today, the TOEIC test has become the world's leading test of English language proficiency in a workplace context. More than 4,000 corporations worldwide use the TOEIC and more than 1.5 million people take the test every year.

The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is a standardized test designed to measure the person's ability to understand English as it is used in international business situations.

Anyone who travels on business or who has contact with international visitors is a likely candidate for the TOEIC Test. All types of employees of international organizations may be asked to take the test: managers, marketing experts, sales representatives, customer service agents, flight attendants, hotel employees, customs officials, and others. Many organizations also require job applicants to take the TOEIC test. Many individuals take it on their own and include their test scores on their resumés and CVs.

The TOEIC Test is designed, produced, and administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service) of Princeton, New Jersey, which also produces many other standardized tests such as TOEFL, GMAT and GRE.