Do you have the language skills that global organizations demand?

The proof is in the score.

As the world becomes a global marketplace and companies become increasingly global, there is a growing need for a common language in which to conduct business. Today, that common language is English; you need to be able to prove that you can work anywhere in the world.

TOEIC® scores are a valuable credential for graduates and job-seekers looking for good jobs, providing them with a certification of language competency that is recognized worldwide. A good TOEIC® score on the CV can demonstrate this ability and ensures that you are equipped to meet the new challenges of the world market giving you access to a wider employment market. The certificate or score report is supported by the "can-do" table that provides an accurate correlation between the TOEIC® score, CEF level and English skills of the test taker.

Companies themselves are using the TOEIC® test within their HR processes, and are hence aware of the reliability and validity of the TOEIC® test scores. During recruitment it is a benchmark tool to measure the level of English competence required to set the minimum language score requirement for positions in different departments.

More than 5 million people each year take the TOEIC® tests to advance their careers. And, for 30 years, TOEIC® test scores have helped thousands of corporations, educational institutions and governments throughout the world recruit, hire and promote the most qualified candidates.

The new TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests have been added to the TOEIC® English-language learning product line. They complement the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test for a full assessment of a person's ability to communicate in English across all four language skills.

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